The Empire State Trail between Albany and New York City

Understanding the Empire State Trail

The Empire State Trail is the longest multi-use trail system in the United States. Spanning over 720 miles, the Empire State Trail is comprised of three segments:

  1. The Hudson Valley Greenway Trail (aka the section between Albany and New York City)
  2. The Erie Canalway Trail
  3. The Champlain Valley Trail 

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About the Hudson Valley Greenway Trail (from Albany to New York City)

The Hudson Valley Greenway Trail is made up of mostly off-road paved trails. Many of these trails are actually “rail trails”, abandoned or discontinued rail lines that have been converted to pedestrian trails. You can see our map of this section of the Empire State Trail. 

Here is a list of all the smaller individual rail trails with links to additional helpful information. Check back during the summer of 2022, as we will be updating our blog with a post specific to each section of the Hudson Valley Greenway Trail. 

Rail Trails the make up the Hudson Valley Greenway Trail

Albany Hudson Electric Trail 

  • 36 miles

Hudson River Brickyard Trail

Kingston Point Rail Trail

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

Hudson Valley Rail Trail

Walkway Over the Hudson

Dutchess Rail Trail

Maybrook Trailway

Putnam County Trail

North County Trailway

South County Trailway

Manhattan Greenway Trail

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